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We are an innovative and responsible team of lawyers, working for you and your business. We specialize in real estate law, land law, commercial law, construction law, road traffic law, labour law, contract law and other areas of business law.

We deal with pre-trial and judicial disputes. We represent clients’ interests in the negotiations, the process of bankruptcy, and public procurement.

We have the ability to provide expeditious and efficient legal assistance outside Lithuania, as we work in partnership with the law companies in all the European countries, Russia and Belarus.

We provide services to Lithuanian and foreign companies, as well as Lithuanian and foreign citizens.


Evaluation of client‘s needs

We appreciate individuality while solving legal business questions of our customers; take into account outstanding interests of each client.


Performing your orders, we collaborate with lawyers, bailiffs, notaries, asset evaluators, bankruptcy administrators, translators, and professionals in other fields, who help to save your time and avoid additional costs. You shall not need to hire additional consultants of the other spheres – our team will quickly and at a reasonable price solve the legal issues according to you interest.

Adaptation to changes

We are dynamic team, working in the rhythm of modern people, so we appreciate the evolving technologies and change ordinary legal practice.

Exact communication

We provide our services in Lithuanian, English, Russian, and German.